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SecurityPills Remover

Can't remove SecurityPills infection?

SecurityPills is a fake malware cleaner that is installed without users permission, usually by Trojan.Vundo or Zlob Trojan group. Zlob.downloader and Vundo torjan are installed on your Pc through adult sites, when downloading infected media codecs, file sharing p2p programs or programs from crack and warez sites. SecurityPills scare victims through fake popup warnings and bogus system tray security alerts to download the bogus free SecurityPills system scanner bundled with additional parasites.

Quick SecurityPills Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
Step-by-step download instructions and removal help

After finished trial detection, SecurityPills will list excessive and fake results and redirect victims to website where they will be scared to buy the $50 full vesrion. SecurityPills is a bogus spyware and hacker tool that can steal your credit card, passwords and other confidential information. SecurityPills is a destructive threat that can harm the computer system!

Alias: SecureInvites, PageForSafety, SoftHomepage
Process file: securitypills.exe

SecurityPills website fake trojan alert

SecurityPills Virus Signs:

  • Phony windows error notifications and "Security Warning" warnings
  • Slower system start up, shut down speed and windows performance
  • Can't modify your desktop wallpaper
  • Unclassified/unknown task manager system processes
  • Disables popup blockers
  • Porn ads pop ups appear with and without browser
  • Decreased internet bandwidth, slow connection speed
  • Hijacks browser home page, re-directs to website
  • SecurityPills reactivates itself when Pc is started
  • False desktop shortcuts and icons
  • Irritating Windows bleepings
  • System tray icons missing from windows system tray
  • Removes valid windows system files causing Blue screen error

SecurityPills Hijacker Behavior:

  • Records and send access times, path names and visited urls to remote hacker
  • Checks windows activity and alter registry logs
  • Creates pop-up ads equivalent surfing habits
  • Use security leaks to infect Pc with the Zlob and vundo family
  • Tracks and disable firewall and antivirus applications

Run XoftSpy-SE and find out if your PC is hijacked SecurityPills. Remove SecurityPills (Security Pills) and third-party hijackers!

Remove Rogue SecurityPills Spyware
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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