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Remove Win32/Heur Trojan

Trojan Win32/Heur Removal Instructions

Win32/Heur, also known as Heur Virus is a dangerous self-mutating polymorphic trojan virus, typically installed on windows system without victims knowledge. The Win32/Heur virus infects PC's via dubious filesharing applications, corrupt media files, spam emails and adult related web sites. Once infected, Win32/Heur virus will modify Windows system files, and install additional trojans, viruses and malware onto the infected computer. The Win32/Heur trojan is usually detected with the "Virus found Win32/Heur" alert and may activate fake Dr. Watson security warnings and redirect Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers to sites like or Trojan Win32/Heur malware is severe security and privacy risk that can alter/delete crucial system files, disable antivirus and firewall software and hijack both local and network computers.

Win32/Heur Removal
(Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000)
Step-by-step download instructions and removal help

Win32/Heur related infections:, Zhelatin.AFG, Adware.Searchit.J, Worm/Zhelatin.ZM, Email-Worm.Win32.Zhelatin.afg, Win32:Zbot-VQ, Win32/Sintun.FK, TROJ_NUWAR.DDJ, Mal/Dorf-O, Trojan.Kbot-34, y, BackDoor.W32.Kbot.b, Trojan.Peacomm.D, Storm Worm, W32/Kbot.X , Trojan Horse Generic10.AOEH, Trojan Vundo, TR/Crypt.XDR.Gen

Possible symtoms of Win32/Heur infection:

  • Slow internet performance and browser
  • Unknown processes running inside Task Manager
  • Missing DLL's and registry entries
  • General windows instability
  • Hijacked browser homepage, desktop wallpaper and tray icons
  • Fake Dr. Watson Security alerts on system startups
  • Disabled pop up blocker, annoying popups (even offline)

Win32/Heur virus behaviors:

  • Exploit browser security leaks to infect the computer with third party applications
  • Records online browsing activity to create matching pop up ads
  • Deactivates antivirus and firewall applications
  • Collects sensitive financial information

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