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Can't remove is a Trojan-Spy.HTML.Smitfraud.c variant usually found together with, Smitfraud-C.CoreService,, Win32.Agent.pz and other malware. is a type of trojan that installs itself via corrupt video codecs or bundled with infected multimedia files, without the victims knowledge. infects Windows system dll files and hijacks the desktop background wallpaper with Blue Screen of Death and displays popups that blockers cannot block. loads into PC memory and executes at system boot, can therefore not be removed by regular security programs. is a precarious security risk!

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
Step-by-step download instructions and removal help "Blue Screen of Death" wallpaper Blue Screen:

"An error has occurred. To continue: Press Enter to return to Windows, or Press Enter to return to restart your computer. If You do this, you wil lose any unsaved information in all open applications. Error:0E : 016F : BFF9b3d4 Press any key to continue "

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  • Blue Screen Of Death and data loss
  • Fake "Security Warning" warnings pop ups and firewall notifications
  • Can initiate windows instability and perforamnce issues
  • Hijacked windows desktop wallpaper and settings
  • Abnormal running processes/files in the task manager
  • Deactivates pop up blockers
  • Irritating popups and balloons on system tray
  • Reduced internet connection speeds, browser opens slowly
  • Browser hijacked by corrupt websites
  • sets the registry to re-start itself automatically at starup
  • Unceasing default computer beep sounds behaviors:

  • Infects PC via security holes, e-mail attachments, freeware and messenger programs
  • Bypass firewalls and antivirus utilities by hide itself as original windows program
  • Logs and re-directs user names, keystrokes and passwords to outlying hackers
  • can tracks system activity and registry settings
  • Creates popups that match surfing actions

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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