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TR/ATRAPS.Gen, also called as trojan ATRAPS or ATRAPS.Gen is a trojan infostealer that deactivates Windows system functions and installs further malware onto the infected computer. Normally, TR/ATRAPS.Gen infects Pc's through porn content web sites, corrupt filesharing music and movie downloads or through video codecs and ActiveX updates. After ATRAPS has sneaked inside the system it will activate corrupt wrm32.dll, new29.exe, kildh3l.dll files and download further viruses. The TR/ATRAPS.Gen is a disrupting trojan threat that can steal private information and harm computer files!

For complete TR/ATRAPS.Gen removal and repair we suggest the following steps
1. Download TR/ATRAPS.Gen Removal
2. Install and run Free system scan
3. Scan, repair and optimize your PC to maximum performance
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Possible TR/ATRAPS.Gen trojan symptoms:

  • Sluggish browser startup and Internet performance, slow Windows system
  • Browser launch by itself and redirects to corrupt webpages
  • "Blue Screen" error caused by corrupt system files, registry keys and dll's
  • Strange running TR/ATRAPS.Gen system processes in Windows task list, unusual Windows beep errors
  • Especially complicated to delete TR/ATRAPS.Gen manually, restore and recreate its files after manual erasure
  • Inactivated pop up blocker, annoying massp pornographic and gambling pop-ups even offline
  • Hijacked Windows desktop wallpaper and unusual desktop shortcuts and icons

Common TR/ATRAPS.Gen trojan hijack activities:

  • Watches registry logs, captures browsing history and Windows activity to create matching pop-ups
  • Injects Windows system and downloads third party adware and virus bundles through browser security leaks
  • Logs and redirects login names, keystrokes, passwords and other data to outlying servers by disabling security programs

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