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Js/Agent.Ncatrojan Removal

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Removal Instructions For Js/Agent.Ncatrojan

Js/Agent.Ncatrojan is a downloader trojan virus with logging capabilities that will overwrite system files and allow third parties to gain access to the compromised computer system. Once it's activated,Js/Agent.Ncatrojan may automatically start on every bootup on the victims system. It can inject into the memory, modify your registry and degrade the system's performance to avoid antivirus detection. Js/Agent.Ncatrojan will decrease the system's performance and give an attacker full access to your computer system. It is feasible to remove Js/Agent.Ncatrojan right away from your system.

Js/Agent.Ncatrojan Removal

(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Possible symptoms can include:

  • Missing Task Manager
  • Reduced network speed
  • Blocked antivirus
  • Gathered personal data
  • Browser start page hijacked
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Technical Details

Malware Specification
Name: Js/Agent.Ncatrojan
Also known as: Agent.Ncatrojan
Type: Trojan
Sub type: Backdoor
Short description: A backdoor trojan is a common form of malware created in order to infect vulnerable computers and allow an individual to access onto the corrupted computer. Backdoor trojans are typically bundled with dangerous malware that makes them extra difficult to remove.
Threat Levels
Risk level: High
Distribution level: Medium
Removal level: Hard
Damage level: High
Infected systems: MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Me, MS Windows 2000
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Related Threats
Aliases/Clones: Not Available
Modifications: JS.Agent.btv, JS:Agent-JR, js-agent-bra, JS.Agent.ftw, JS/Agent.agw, JS/Agent.NDA, JS:agent-jh, JS.Agent!IK, JS/Agent.agx, JS.Agent.brx, JS.Agent.fuo, js/agent.ncu, JS.Agent-77, JS.Agent, JS.Agent.bra
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