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Trojan.Malex Removal

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How To Remove Trojan.Malex

Is your computer attacked by Trojan.Malex? What you have is an aggressive type of trojan virus that infects a Windows computer to execute malicious instructions. Trojan.Malex is programmed to exploit known security vulnerabilities to transfer sensitive private information to outlying computers. Upon launch,Trojan.Malex can load itself automatically on every boot on the system. It might infect the windows, corrupt your registry entries and degrade the system's performance to elude anti-virus detection. Trojan.Malex will grant an attacker remote access to the system and slow down the computer's processing speed. It is essential to remove Trojan.Malex as quickly as possible from your computer.

Trojan.Malex Removal

(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Possible symptoms can include:

  • System becomes slow
  • Decreased network performance
  • Bypassed firewall application
  • Screensaver is missing
  • Unresponsive web browser
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Technical Details

Malware Specification
Name: Trojan.Malex
Also known as: Malex
Type: Trojan
Sub type: Backdoor
Short description: A backdoor trojan is a serious threat constructed to compromise vulnerable systems and enable remote operation onto the victims's system. Backdoor trojans are generally associated with other malicious codes which can make them pretty tricky to remove.
Threat Levels
Risk level: Severe
Distribution level: High
Removal level: Comlicated
Damage level: Medium
Infected systems: MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Me, MS Windows 2000
Trojan.Malex Removal
Related Threats
Aliases/Clones: trojan:win32/agent.ahc, adware/baidubar.b, trojan:win32/malex.gen!e, backdoor.win32.inject, backdoor.graybird, bkdr_generic.dit, mal/generic-a, trojan.win32.swisyn.alga
Modifications: Trojan.Malex!CsAgmZV7sUw
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