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Generic11.BEOG Removal

Get rid of Generic11.BEOG

Generic11 better named as Generic11.BEOG is a trojan horse that sneaks inside the operating system by changing file names in Windows registry. Normally Generic11.BEOG infects computers through adult porn and freeware sites and via spam email advertisements. When infected, the BEOG will use exploits to inject infected .exe and .dll files onto the system without victims knowledge. Generic11.BEOG is a harmful trojan horse program that can steal confidential data and harm Windows system!

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Generic11 aliases: Generic11.AWXY,, Generic11.gex, Generic11.AKAA, Generic11.AOLK, Generic11.PWW, generic11-pww, Generic11.clr, generic11.ifa, Generic11.QZ, Generic11.NDQ, generic11.astf,, generic11.ARIN, Generic11.BEOG, Generic11.nqd, generic11gex, Generic11.aynt, Generic11.BFWT, Generic11.ADC, Generic11.CAW, Generic11.KVQ, generic11_clr, Generic11.ZAU, generic11.www, Generic11.AAHB, generic11xzg, Generic11.AEN, Generic11.AFA, Generic11.AHCI, Generic11.XZG, Generic11.ANKZ, generic11.FPO, Generic11.SRR, generic11.YJ

Generic11.BEOG threat warning signs:

  • Missing desktop shortcuts and system tray icons, altered desktop settings and wallpaper
  • Generic11.BEOG reactivates itself after been eliminated manually, especially complicated to eliminate
  • Sluggish Pc, long system startup and shutdown, abnoramal Internet bandwidth
  • "Blue Screen Of Death" caused by corrupt dll's, registry keys and Windows files
  • Popup blocker can not block annoying adult and porn mass pop ups
  • Search engine results and browser startpage redirected to phony websites
  • Unusual Generic11 processes running in windows task list, frustrating error bleepings from Pc tower speaker

Behaviors of Generic11.BEOG:

  • Deactivates antivirus, firewall and other security utilities and sends confidential banking records and browsing history to remote hackers
  • Generates popup advertisements matching browsing habits, collects system activity and modify system logs
  • Downloads and installs numerous malicious programs through Windows and browser security loopholes

Is your pc affected? Run all-in-one remover to find out. Remove Generic11.BEOG and clean all its parts!

Generic11.BEOG Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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