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Trash.Gen better identified as TR/Trash.Gen is a damaging trojan program, a new variant of the TR/Trash group. Generally TR/Trash.Gen infects the system while downloading suspicious programs, corrupt ActiveX updates or by clicking on pornographic website links. TR/Trash.Gen trojan injects itself in low level system processes to hide from securiy programs and installs mischievous .exe and .dll files on the infected computer. The TR/Trash.Gen trojan is a security risk that may download viruses, trojans, worms and steal confidential private information!

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Trash.Gen alias vulnerabilities: N/A

Common warning signs of TR/Trash.Gen:

  • Altered shortcuts, system tray icons, wallpaper and desktop settings
  • Severely hard to erase Trash.Gen manually, repair and re-activate its files after manual deletion
  • Bandwidth problems - slow browsing performance and frequent browser shut downs
  • "Blue Screen Of Death" caused by corrupt dll's, registry keys and Windows files
  • Common popup blockers can't block frustrating adult related pop-up advertisements
  • Browser settings and seach pages redirected to undesirable Web sites
  • Strange running Trash.Gen program files in the task manager, irritating tower speaker bleeps

Common TR/Trash.Gen trojan behavior:

  • Bypasses antivirus and firewalls tool by mask itself as legit file and sends confidential information to outside servers
  • Checks surfing activity and Windows system to generate equivalent pop up ads
  • Trash.Gen infects system and downloads mischievous programs to the computer via browser security leaks

Is your system hijacked? Download latest remover utility to determine. Uninstall TR/Trash.Gen and all its aliases for good!

Award-winning TR/Trash.Gen Remover
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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