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Trojan-Proxy.Jaber, also referred to as trojan horse Jaber or Proxy.Jaber is a harmful trojan horse that downloads spyware, adware and other malware and creates corrupt files in Windows directories. Inside the Pc, trojan horse Trojan-Proxy.Jaber will automatically download and inject infected zu.exe, mljul1.exe files without victims knowledge. Generally Trojan-Proxy.Jaber is spread via undesirable e-mail attachments, infected media codecs, messenger programs and pornographic web sites. Trojan-Proxy.Jaber is a disrupting trojan horse utility that can send credit card numbers, passwords and other secret info to outside servers.

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Clone vulnerabilities: Trojan-Proxy.Jaber Trojan-Proxy.Jaber.G Trojan-Proxy.Jaber!sd5 Trojan.Proxy.Jaber.C Trojan/Proxy.Jaber.a Trojan.Proxy.Jaber.a Trojan-Proxy.Jaber.D Trojan.Proxy.Jaber.b Trojan-Proxy.Jaber.F Trojan.Proxy.Jaber.D Trojan-Proxy.jaber.c Trojan-Proxy.Jaber.B

Common signs of Trojan-Proxy.Jaber:

  • Pc flooded with annoying adult related pop-ups, inactivated pop-up blocker software
  • Unusual Proxy.Jaber processes running in Windows task list, can't avoid weird bleeping noise
  • Proxy.Jaber re-creates itself after manual removal, exceptionally difficult to get rid of
  • Desktop screen saver and background picture hijacked by frustrating messages
  • Block Internet transfer rate, decreased surfing speed and usual browser shut downs
  • Missing or corrupt registry keys, dlls and system files cause "Blue Screen Of Death" error
  • Search engine results and browser homepage hijacked by strange website

Trojan-Proxy.Jaber activities:

  • Proxy.Jaber downloads and installs diverse harmful programs via Windows and browser security loopholes
  • Proxy.Jaber bypasses securtiy utility by disguise itself as legiti Windows file, sends passwords, usernames and other private information to hackers
  • Tracks registry values and windows activities, collects surfing history to install equivalent pop-up advertisements

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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