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Remove Logger.Zbot.dup

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Logger.Zbot.dup also named as Zbot.dup, is a malware infection that spreads by duplicating itself under multiple names into Windows system. Logger.Zbot.dup is generally installed on the system through pornographic related sites, corrupt spam e-mail attachments and dubious file sharing applications. After malware Zbot.dup has sneaked inside the system it will install corrupt exe and dll files and download further viruses. The Logger.Zbot.dup may initiate critical harm to your computer system!

Complete Logger.Zbot.dup Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Zbot.dup alias definitions: logger.Zbot.bhw,,, Logger.Zbot.lg, LOGGER.Zbot.aor, Logger.Zbot.dvy, Logger.Zbot.cmb, logger.Zbot, Logger.Zbot.alo, Logger.Zbot.cns, logger.zbot.cmn, logger.Zbot.ahn, logger.Zbot.bpx, Logger.Zbot.crv, Logger.Zbot.dun

Possible signs of Logger.Zbot.dup malware:

  • Altered shortcuts, system tray icons, wallpaper and desktop settings
  • Zbot.dup is hard to remove manually, re-activate itself after removal
  • Decreased browsing speed, familiar browser crashes and bandwidth issues
  • Uninstalled registry keys, dlls and system files causing "Blue Screen"
  • Disabled pop up blocker, flooded desktop with annoying pop-ups even offline
  • Redirected search engine results and Web browser home page
  • Strange running Zbot.dup processes/files in the task manager, frustrating tower speaker bleepings

Possible Logger.Zbot.dup behavior:

  • Inactivates firewall and antivirus programs and transmits login names, passwords and sensitive banking records to outlying hackers
  • Records windows behavior and values in the system registry, collects browsing history to create matching pop ups
  • Zbot.dup infects Windows via browser security holes and downloads third-party programs onto the infected Pc

Download automated remover utility to determine if your system is affected. Delete Logger.Zbot.dup and all its variants permanently!

Automated Logger.Zbot.dup Remover Software
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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