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Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr Removal

Annoyed by Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr?

Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr, also referred to as Obfuscated.dzr is a hazardous trojan horse that hijacks systems by changing file names in Windows registry. Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr is known to infect corrupt burylwbe.exe files and modify system to hinder legitime security utilities from receiving infection updates. Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr spreads via undesirable SPAM email attachments and adult related web sites. Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr is an exceptionally dangerous securtiy risk that can cause serious damage to your hardware and system files!

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Clone definitions:, Trojan.Obfuscated.GY, Trojan.Obfuscated!sd5, Trojan/Obfuscated.487936.BL, Trojan.Obfuscated.NJ, Trojan.Obfuscated.gx, Trojan.Obfuscated.NN, Trojan/Obfuscated.brkc, Trojan.Obfuscated.rl, Trojan.Obfuscated.NI, Trojan.Obfuscated.rpl, Trojan/Obfuscated.325632.AL, Trojan/Obfuscated.5475, Trojan.Obfuscated.NM,, Trojan.Obfuscated.rk, Trojan.Obfuscated.NK, Trojan.Obfuscated.NL, Trojan.Obfuscated.LA,, Trojan.Obfuscated!sd6, Trojan.obfuscated.gz, Trojan.Obfuscated.ft

Common indications of Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr trojan horse:

  • Hijacked Internet browser properties, start page, search page or error page
  • Changed Windows background picture, desktop tray icons and shortcuts
  • Unusual Obfuscated.dzr processes running in windows task list, annoying error bleepings from Computer tower speaker
  • Especially difficult to uninstall Obfuscated.dzr manually, restore and re-install its files after manual erasure
  • Eradicated system, registry and dlls files cause frequent "Blue Screen"
  • Slow Internet, decreased bandwidth, sluggish surfing and usual browser crashes
  • Common popup blockers can't prevent frustrating adult related pop-up ads

Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr behavior:

  • Tracks system activity and registry settings, logs browsing activity to create matching popup ads
  • Deactivates active security utilities, gathers and forwards confidential info (passwords, usernames etc.) to outside servers
  • Obfuscated.dzr infects Windows system with various mischievous program files through leaks in browser security

Download and run Free scan to determine if your Computer is infected. Eliminate Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr and all its components for good!

Immediate Trojan.Obfuscated.dzr Remover Software
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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