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Hijacked by W32/Chir.b@MM?

W32/Chir.b@MM is a mailing worm virus (drpped by trojan horses) that spread via email addresses on the infected computers. W32/Chir.b@MM can drop adware, spyware and other malware threats and generates corrupt files in local and network machines. After infecting the system W32/Chir.b@MM worm will inject damaging runouce.exe file together with other threats that can block users from accessing the registry. W32/Chir.b@MM is normally spread via porn related adult sites, infected SPAM e-mail attachments and suspicious p2p and freeware downloads. W32/Chir.b@MM is warning sign of malicious worms that can steal personal data and slow down the system!

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Clone definitions: W32/Chir.b, W32.Chir.B@mm, W32.Chir, W32/Chir-B, W32/Chir.B-mm, W32/Chir.b@MM, W32/Chir.b!dam, W32.chir.b.enc, w32.Chir.B

Possible signs of W32/Chir.b@MM worm:

  • Browser and search engine hijacked by damaging web sites
  • Incapability to alter desktop wallpaper, incapable to uninstall strange desktop icons
  • Unusual W32/Chir.b@MM running processes in the Windows task manager, can't turn off bleeping noise from tower speaker
  • W32/Chir.b@MM is difficult to clean, re-creates its files under Pc reboot
  • Uninstalled system files causing frequent "Blue Screen Of Death" error
  • Windows instability, slow system and browser perforamnce
  • Porn ads pop ups appear with and without pop-up blocker tool

W32/Chir.b@MM hijack actions:

  • Checks Windows system, records surfing activity to generate matching pop up advertisements
  • Chir.b@MM bypasses security tools and forwards credit card, usernames, passwords and other private info to remote hacker
  • Infects Computer through security holes, downloads and installs diverse third party files from distant servers

Run automatic remover to determine if you are infected. Remove W32/Chir.b@MM and all its parts for good!

Remove W32/Chir.b@MM Completely
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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