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Adware.Generic is a destructive adware variant that use holes in system security to infect local and network machines. After adware Adware.Generic has sneaked inside the system it will activate corrupt executable files and download further viruses. Adware.Generic is normally spread through porn and freeware content websites or through SPAM e-mail attachments and mischievous multimedia updates. Adware.Generic is a hazardous security risk that can gather private sensitive information and damage your system files!

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Generic.adware related definitions: Not available

Adware.Generic adware indications:

  • Internet browser and search engine results hijacked to strange webpages
  • Desktop background picture screen and screen saver hijacked by messages
  • Unusual Generic.adware processes running in windows task list, irritating error bleepings from Pc tower speaker
  • Infected files re-installs after erasure, Generic.adware is extremely difficult to remove manually
  • "Blue Screen Of Death" error caused by corrupt registry keys, dll's and system files
  • Decreased Internet bandwidth, slow connection and surfing speed
  • Annoying pornographic pop ups generated even with active pop-up blocker

Adware.Generic actions:

  • Logs windows behavior and values in the system registry, collects browsing history to generate equivalent popups
  • Inactivates firewall and antivirus programs and transmits login names, passwords and confidential financial records to outlying hackers
  • Generic.adware infects Windows system through security holes via e-mail attachments, messenger and freeware programs

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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