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Taquito.exe Descriptions

Taquito.exe is a worm variant that is constructed to mask itself as a legitime system file and use exploits to download multiple malware files from distant servers. worm taquito will alter the system settings to automatically start itself and generate infected taquito.exe on to the system. taquito.exe is usually spread via suspicious pornographic web sites and corrupt video codec files. The taquito.exe is a precarious worm that can steal confidential information and cause sluggish Pc speed!

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Alias infections: N/A

Possible taquito.exe signs:

  • "Blue Screen" error caused by corrupt system files, registry keys and dll's
  • Common pop up blockers can't hinder frustrating adult related popup ads
  • Browser and search engine hijacked by malicious web sites
  • Slow computer performance, sluggish system start ups and reboots
  • Altered wallpaper and desktop settings, missing system tray icons and desktop shortcuts
  • Strange taquito.exe processes in Windows task manager strange Computer tower error bleep sounds
  • Extremely complicated to uninstall taquito.exe manually, memory resident tools

Behaviors of taquito.exe worm:

  • Installs itself into system and downloads malicious trojan and adware bundles through security leaks
  • Monitors Windows system, records surfing activity to generate matching popup ads
  • Logs and redirects login names, keystrokes, passwords and other data to outside servers by disabling security programs

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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