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Infected with win32/Sality.NAM?

win32/Sality.NAM is a harmful virus that changes Windows settings to send victims to corrupt web sites. Upon installation, virus Sality will generate corrupt .dll and .exe files, deactivate security tools and activate frustrating pop-ups. win32/Sality.NAM can be installed via unwanted spam email attachments or via infected video codec and ActiveX updates. win32/Sality.NAM is a serious virus that can damage system files and pc hardware!

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Common win32/Sality.NAM virus threat warning signs:

  • Hijacked browser settings and seach results
  • Desktop background picture screen and screen saver hijacked by messages
  • Strange Sality.NAM task processes running in Windows task list, strange error beeps from Pc tower
  • Sality.NAM is difficult to clean, changes Windows to re-install uninstalled files at boot up
  • Eradicated registry, dll's and system files causing "Blue Screen" error
  • General browsing and Windows speed problems, abnoramal Internet bandwidth
  • Irritating pop ups and balloons even with active pop up blocker

win32/Sality.NAM activities:

  • Creates pop ups that match browsing behavior, collects Windows system data
  • Sality.NAM tracks active security applications, restricts antivirus and firewall programs and forwards confidential informaion to outlying sites
  • Sality.NAM installs itself into system and downloads mischievous trojan and adware bundles through security leaks

Install instant remover to determine if you are infected. Eliminate win32/Sality.NAM and clean all related threats!

Complete win32/Sality.NAM Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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