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Gadonesi better known as Gadonesi.dll is a hostile trojan that can prevent access to regedit and msconfig by shifting processes in Windows system. After activating trojan Gadonesi.dll, it will generate and install corrupt dll and exe files in system32 and inundate the pc with mass pop-up messages. Gadonesi.dll is a trojan that spreads without victims knowledge, typically through corrupt video codecs and multimedia files. Gadonesi.dll is a extremely hazardous trojan threat and may initiate severe harm to your computer system!

Automated Gadonesi.dll Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Aliases: Trojan.Vundo

Gadonesi.dll trojan threat indications:

  • Computer flooded with annoying adult related pop-ups, inactivated popup blocker tool
  • Unusual Gadonesi.dll processes running in Windows task list, can't stop weird beeping noise
  • Difficult to clean Gadonesi manually, infects system files to re-start at Windows start up
  • Altered shortcuts, system tray icons, wallpaper and desktop settings
  • Slow browsing speed, obstructed transfer rate and frequent browser crashes
  • Missing or corrupt registry keys, dlls and system files initiate "Blue Screen Of Death" error
  • Redirected search engine results and Web browser homepage

Behaviors of Gadonesi.dll trojan:

  • Sneaks inside the Pc system by using browser security holes and installs numerous third-party programs
  • Gadonesi inactivates firewall and antivirus programs and transmits login names, passwords and secret banking records to distant hackers
  • Collects browsing history, monitors Windows activity and registry tracks to generate matching pop-ups

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Automated Gadonesi.dll Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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