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Brastke.exe, also referred to as Brastke is a malware that inactivates Windows registry files and antivirus utilities without users consent. After installation Brastke will inject malicious brastke.exe, laputhk.exe files and prevent victims from accessing the registry. Brastke.exe spreads through SPAM e-mail attachments or via pornographic related images, movie downloads or adult web site advertisements. The Brastke.exe is a variant of precarious malware family that can steal secret info and severly harm Windows system!

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Brastke aliases: N/A

Indications of Brastke.exe malware:

  • Invasive porn pop ups and system tray balloons even with active blocker tool
  • Strange Brastke processes running in Windows task list, can't stop weird beeping noise
  • Brastke is very difficult to uninstall manually, re-install itself at system starup
  • Hijacked desktop shortcuts, desktop wallpaper and tray icons
  • Obstruct Internet transfer rate, decreased surfing performance and regular browser shut downs
  • Legal registry keys, dlls and system files missing, causing "Blue Screen Of Death" error
  • Browser error page, start page and search page hijacked by unknown site

Possible Brastke.exe malware hijack actions:

  • Infects Windows system through security holes via e-mail attachments, messenger and freeware programs
  • Brastke inactivates active security tools and sends sensitive financial records and system info to remote hacker web sites
  • Records windows behavior and values in the system registry, collects browsing history to generate equivalent popups

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