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Loader.exe is a destructive trojan infection that attacks Windows system processes and prevent access to regedit. Once inside the the pc, trojan loader will create mischievous loader.exe files wrapped with a range of adware infections. Loader.exe spreads via suspicious shareware and p2p programs, via corrupt multimedia and unwanted emails or through adult content websites. The Loader.exe is a severe backdoor trojan that can harm system files and pc hardware!

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Clone infections: Backdoor.Prorat Virus

Possible symptoms of Loader.exe:

  • Disabled pop up blocker, flooded desktop with frustrating popups even offline
  • Strange running Loader.exe program files in the task manager, annoying tower speaker bleeps
  • Loader.exe is hard to remove manually, reactivate itself after removal
  • Changed system tray icons, background wallpaper and desktop shortcuts
  • Browser and computer slowdowns, slow Internet, start up and shutdown
  • Corrupt registry keys, dlls and system files causing familiar "Blue Screen" error
  • Search results and browser startpage redirected to abnormal sites

Possible Loader.exe trojan behavior:

  • loader installs itself into system and downloads malicious trojan and adware bundles via security leaks
  • Disables firewall, antivirus and other security applications to gather and forward confidential information to distant servers
  • Records Windows system activity, checks surfing habits and activates equivalent popups

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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