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Spooldr.sys Descriptions

Spooldr.sys, better known as Spooldr is a rootkit that downloads different packed malware infections onto the infected system and gives access to distant hackers. Once inside, rootkit Spooldr.sys will load into the memory and install corrupt spooldr.sys, superlaugh.exe files, can therefore not be removed by usual security programs. Usually, Spooldr.sys is installed on the system via infected multimedia codecs, ActiveX updates and file-sharing programs, spam e-mail attachments or via pornographic related sites. The Spooldr.sys is a severe rootkit that can infect both local and network pc's!

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Clone definitions: Worm.Zhelatin.GQ

Spooldr.sys description:

  • Unusual Web browser's homepage and hijacked search engine results
  • Changed Windows background picture, desktop tray icons and shortcuts
  • Unknown Spooldr task processes running in Windows task list, strange error beeps from Pc tower
  • Spooldr.sys is a memory resident software, very difficult to remove manually
  • Legitimate registry keys, dlls and system files missing, causing "Blue Screen Of Death" error
  • Sluggish browser startup and Internet performance, sluggish Windows system
  • Popup blocker can not prevent irritating adult and pornographic mass pop ups

Common Spooldr.sys rootkit behaviors:

  • Collects Pc activity, alter system records and creates popup advertisements equivalent surfing habits
  • Spooldr avoids firewall, antimalware and other security utilities and sends system data, passwords, keystrokes and other info to remote hackers
  • Infects Pc via security holes, downloads and installs different third party files from outlying servers

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