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Virtumonde.sci is an Internet trojan that spreads by installing numerous copies of itself under different names into Windows registry. Usually, the Virtumonde.sci is installed after clicking on undesirable spam e-mail links, corrupt p2p and shareware downloads or through porn related web sites. Once installed, Virtumonde.sci will run on every system startup, disable security tools and install Virtumonde.dll files in Windows. The Virtumonde.sci trojan is a security risk that may download viruses, trojans, worms and steal sensitive private info!

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Related definitions: Adware-Virtumondo, TrojanSpy.Win32-Agent.I, Virtumonde/Vundo, Virtumonde, VirtuMonde.c, Virtumonde.GFA, virtumonde.But

Common Virtumonde.sci warning signs:

  • Altered desktop settings and wallpaper, missing desktop shortcuts and system tray icons
  • Virtumonde.sci is difficult to remove manually, reactivate itself after removal
  • Sluggish Computer, long system startup and shutdown, abnoramal Internet bandwidth
  • Valid registry keys, dlls and system files missing, causing "Blue Screen Of Death" error
  • Sexually explicit mass pornographic pop ups even with active pop-up blocker software
  • Browser home page, error page and search page replaced with unusual website
  • Unusual Virtumonde processes running in Windows task list, can't avoid weird bleeping noise

Common Virtumonde.sci trojan hijack actions:

  • Virtumonde restricts active security software and sends sensitive financial records and system information to outside hacker web sites
  • Creates pop-ups that match surfing behavior, collects Windows system info
  • Floods Windows system with malicious trojan horses, adware and spyware files through browser security holes

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Automatic Virtumonde.sci Remover Software
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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