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Generic12.www is a trojan that spreads by infecting Windows executable files via security loopholes. Generic12.www trojan extracts and activates harmful Exe and Dll threats in windows folder and downloads additional malware to the infected system. Generic12.www is usually downloaded from the Internet and installed through, spam email, adult sites or file-sharing programs without victims knowledge. Generic12.www is a dangerous trojan threat that can seriously harm Windows system files!

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Generic12 alias vulnerabilities: N/A

Generic12.www trojan symptoms:

  • Corrupt or missing registry files cause Blue Screen Of Death error
  • Frustrating popups and balloons even with active pop up blocker
  • Browser launch by itself and re-directs to corrupt webpages
  • Decreased surfing speed, common browser crashes and bandwidth problems
  • Hijacked Windows desktop wallpaper and unusual desktop shortcuts and icons
  • Unusual Generic12.www running processes in the Windows task manager, can't turn off beeping noise from tower speaker
  • Infected files recreate and patch up itself, Generic12.www is extremely complicated to remove

Behaviors of Generic12.www trojan hijacker:

  • Generic12 sneaks inside the Pc system with help of browser security holes and installs multiple third party programs
  • Tracks system activity and registry settings, tracks surfing activity to generate equivalent pop up ads
  • Generic12 bypasses securtiy utility by disguise itself as legiti Windows file, sends passwords, usernames and other private data to hackers

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