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Generic_c.TST Description

Generic_c better known as Generic_c.TST is a trojan horse threat that installs compressed malware files onto the infected pc and opens backdoors to remote attackers. Once inside, trojan horse Generic_c will set back the computer and install harmful exe and dll files and download numerous malicious programs and activate irritating popup ads. Normaly Generic_c.TST spread through infected codec updates, undesirable spam e-mails or corrupt program files. Generic_c.TST is a harmful trojan horse that can steal sensitive data and severly harm Windows system!

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Generic_c.TST descriptions:

  • Uninstalled registry files causing common "Blue Screen Of Death" error
  • Popup blocker tool quits working, overflowed computer with adult and pornographic pop ups
  • Browser startpage and search engines redirects to strange website
  • Slower Windows boot, shut down speed, reduced browser performance
  • Changed Windows background picture, desktop tray icons and shortcuts
  • Abnormal Generic_c files in Windows task manager system processes, tower speaker error beeping sound

Behaviors of Generic_c.TST trojan horse:

  • Generic_c use leaks in Windows security system to download harmful threats from outside hacker servers
  • Collects Pc activity, change system logs and creates popup advertisements matching surfing habits
  • Generic_c infects system in stealth mode to avoid antivirus and firewall programs and sends confidential financial records to outside hackers

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

Technical Description

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