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Infected with Lee.exe ?

Lee.exe is a malicious file dropped by harmful trojans that can download various malware files and floods the system with mass pop-up advertisements. Usually Lee.exe spred through suspicious porn related web sites, through peer to peer programs and spam emails. Lee.exe malware extracts and activates malicious lee.exe threats in windows folder and downloads additional malware to the infected system. The Lee.exe may damage system files and collect confidential private data!

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Asociated Infections and Aliases: RemoteAccess.Win32.GhostRadmin,, Virus:JS/Xorer.J, I-worm.lee.exe, RemoteAccess.Win32.GhostRadmin!IK

Possible malware signs:

  • Especially slow pc and general system performance issues
  • Browser error page, start page and search page hijacked by strange site
  • Corrupt system files, registry keys and dlls files causing "Blue Screen Of Death"
  • Lee.exe is memory resident, re-activate itself after manual removal
  • Pop-up blocker can not block irritating adult and pornographic bulk pop ups
  • Incapability to alter desktop wallpaper, unable to delete unknown desktop icons

Lee.exe actions:

  • Watches registry tracks, captures browsing history and Windows activity to generate equivalent pop ups
  • Infects Computer through security holes, downloads and installs numerous third-party files from outside servers
  • Logs and inactivate firewall and antivirus programs and forwarsd confidential information such as usernames, passwords to outside servers

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Lee.exe Remover
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

Infection Characteristics

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