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BV.Malware-gen Removal

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BV.Malware-gen Uninstall Instructions

BV.Malware-gen is a malicious program that restricts Windows XP and Vista system functions and installs further malware onto the infected pc. Malware-gen will change the system settings to automatically start itself and generate infected Dll and Exe on to the system. BV.Malware-gen sneaks inside the system through corrupt gambling and porn related web sites and annoying email advertisements. BV.Malware-gen may damage system files and steal secret information!

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Malware-gen Aliases / Asociated Threats: Trojan.BAT.DeltreeY.ak, BAT/DelTreeY@troj, BAT/DelF.A, Trojan.BAT.DeltreeY.aj, BV:Malware-gen, , Troj/Wowzerz-A, Trojan.Deltree.692, Bat/dt7 trojan, BAT.Trojan.DelF.A, BAT/DelTreeY, Bv:malware-gen-komp, Trojan.Bat.DeltreeY-5

Possible warning signs of Malware:

  • Strange BV.Malware-gen processes running in Windows task list, can't avoid weird beeping noise
  • Hard to clean BV.Malware-gen manually, infects system files to resume at Windows start up
  • Changed Windows shortcuts, background picture and desktop tray icons
  • Significantly slow system starup and blocked Internet availability
  • Missing or corrupt system files, registry keys and dlls files initiate "Blue Screen" error
  • Hijacked browser settings and seach results

BV.Malware-gen actions:

  • Malware-gen downloads third party programs into Windows system and infects Computer with malware through browser security holes
  • Malware-gen forwards passwords, login names and other sensitive private info to distant hackers by avoiding antivirus and firewall programs
  • Collects Windows system data and creates popups that match surfing activities

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

Infection Data

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