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Gimmebargain.com is added by a browser hijacker that restricts security functions in Windows and redirects Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and IE users to unwanted http://gimmebargains.com corrupt searchpage similar to google seach. Once inside the Pc, Gimmebargain may execute malicious .exe and .dll payloads at system startup by creating entries in registry. Gimmebargain.com infects systems via shareware/freeware, ActiveX, video codec and file sharing program downloads or via adult content web sites.

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Gimmebargain Alliases and Related Threats: N/A

Probable indications:

  • Unusual Gimmebargain.com running processes in the Windows task manager, can't turn off beeping noise from tower speaker
  • Very complicated to remove Gimmebargain manually, sets registry to re-start itself
  • Hijacked desktop toolbar, wallpaper, tray icons and windows shortcuts
  • Long Pc starup and shutdown, slow browser speed, reduced Internet connection
  • Corrupt system files, registry keys and dlls files causing "Blue Screen Of Death"
  • Browser start page, search page and error page hijacked by corrupt webpages

Possible Gimmebargains.com activities:

  • Installs itself into system and downloads harmful trojan and adware bundles through security leaks
  • Bypasses securtiy tool by camouflage itself as legiti Windows file, sends passwords, usernames and other private information to hackers
  • Tracks registry values and windows behavior, collects browsing history to install equivalent pop-up advertisements

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(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

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