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GuradPCs Removal

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GuradPCs Removal Instructions

GuradPCs is a rogue security software advertised with help of counterfeit security alerts and deceptive infection pop ups to scare you into buying its simulated "commercial" anti-spyware version. When executed, GuradPCs may drop corrupt files into Windows registry and flood the screen with unwanted pop ups. GuradPCs is a crucial security and privacy risk!

For complete GuradPCs removal and repair we suggest the following steps
1. Download GuradPCs Removal
2. Install and run Free system scan
3. Remove all GuradPCs variants
4. Scan, repair and optimize your PC to maximum performance
Step-by-step download instructions and removal help

Possible GuradPCs behaviors

  • Search results are hijacked and redirected to a unknown sites
  • Difficult to remove infected files manually
  • Strange network and Internet communications
  • Third-party files installed on the system
  • Unusual running program processes in the process list
Is your computer affected? Run Free system scanner to find out. Remove GuradPCs and all its variants for good!

Threat Characteristics

Malware Data
Threat name:
Also identified as:
Gurad PCs
Rogue Anti-Spyware
Sub type:
General description:
Rogue anti-spyware is a deceptive software (similar to rogue registry cleaner, anti-malware, anti-virus or privacy tool), promoted by malicious Zlob and Vundo Trojans. A rogue anti-spyware software uses nasty actions such as displaying phony alerts and counterfeit system alerts to deceive victims into paying money for phony threat and error removals.

Threat concentration
Risk level:
Distribution level:
Removal level:
Harm level:
Contaminated systems
Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 2000
Aliases and Associated threats
IGuardPC, XPProtection
Related Threats:
Not Available

Threat Files
Exe files:
iguardpc.exe, mdelk.exe, qttask.exe, unins000.exe, hpmun.exe, qttasku.exe, hpmom.exe, doctor.exe, 10795wz9m2c5.exe, avirtr.exe, browseu.exe, 195zthief4965.exe, algg.exe, uninst.exe, hpmon.exe, uninstall.exe, qttaskm.exe
Dll files:
htmlayout.dll, windivx.dll, ddccd.dll, enhtb.dll, ecxwp.dll, bkfgnqhm.dll, sgqddvym.dll, validation.dll, tiltmeo.dll, mlljh.dll, ddcdedd.dll, avirtrwarning.dll, lcxmehhg.dll, browseul.dll, advrepkon.dll, hdbxuqje.dll, ddcbyvt.dll, mljge.dll, vipextqtr.dll, cabvie.dll, tdlrms.dll, gebca.dll
Aditional files:
10954worz351.ocx, ot.ico, support.htm, help.htm, 197z3wo5m936.ocx, update.htm, ts.ico, 2.1.lnk, status.htm, uninstall.lnk, homepage.lnk, myp.ico, register.htm, r_index.htm, mym.ico, r_protect.htm, maincfg.xml, 19813virz579e.bin, r_support.htm, unins000.dat, myv.ico, iguardpc.lnk, options.htm

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