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Can't get rid is added by a destructive hijacker program that changes Ie, firefox and chrome browser homepage modifications to redirects you to by creating corrupt IP entries to the host files. After infecting the computer may trigger various malware and change important files causing unreliable system performance. may cause unwanted pop up ads, harvest your surfing data and significantly slow down your computer.

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2. Install and run Free system scan
3. Remove all variants
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Possible signs of

  • Missing or damaged system files
  • Hijacked browser start page
  • Hard to eradicate corrupt files manually
  • Annoying pop-up ad windows when surfing the web
  • Stolen private information and browsing history
  • Unknown running programs in the system task list
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Technical Specification

Malware Data
Threat name:
Also reffered to as:
Browser Hijacker
Sub type:
General description:
A browser hijacker is a malware (malicious program) designed to change Internet browser bookmark, home and search page settings to send victims to unwanted Web sites. Browser hijackers are installed without user consent, generally through infected spam e-mails, or via corrupt freeware and shareware downloads.

Threat Levels
Risk level:
Distribution level:
Removal level:
Harm level:
Corrupted systems
Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows Vista
Associated threats/Aliases
Not Available
Related Threats:
a.dat, alh.exe, msa.exe, sshnas21.dll, svchost.exe, alg.exe, kiksyo.bat, iexplore.exe, zeazem.exe, alf.exe, gnfybu.exe

Exe files:
Not Available
Dll files:
Not Available
Aditional files:
Not Available

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