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LiveEnterpriseSuite Removal

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Contaminated With LiveEnterpriseSuite?

LiveEnterpriseSuite is a deceiving security software that give inflated and dishonest reports about possible risks on your computer to trick you into buying its false anti-malware tool. LiveEnterpriseSuite spreads commonly via free movie, game or song downloads, corrupt adult websites, spam e-mail or chat and messaging systems. LiveEnterpriseSuite is a high security risk that may store your private data and cause serious harm to files and hardware.

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Possible signs of LiveEnterpriseSuite

  • Hijacked search engine results
  • Malware files reinstalls after been erased
  • Can't alter the desktop background
  • Store financial data redirected to hacker websites
  • Strange running program processes in the task bar
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Technical Specifications

Malware Data
Threat name:
Also known as:
LiveEnterprise Suite
Rogue Security Software
Sub type:
General description:
A rogue security software states to be a valid antivirus, privacy cleaner or registry repair product (professional design, false customer testimonials and counterfeit awards). Mostly, a rogue security software uses destructive Zlob or Vundo trojans to aggressively advertise itself by displaying fake security warnings and false scanning processes to steal victim's money and credit card information.

Threat concentration
Risk level:
Distribution level:
Removal level:
Damage level:
Compromised systems
Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows ME
Alliases and Related Threats
LiveEnterprise, PCLiveGuard, EnterpriseSuite
Related Threats:
Not Available

Threat Files
Exe files:
suite.exe, atbyin.exe, explorer.exe, taskmgr.exe, winlogon.exe, calc.exe, svchost.exe, services.exe, char.exe, path]calc.exe, iapro.exe, unins000.exe, path]char.exe
Dll files:
wmilib.dll, path].dll
Aditional files:
pro.lnk, settings.ini, iaes.lng, uill.ini, pguard.ini, iafr.lng, iait.lng, iager.lng, working.record, install.ico, lists.ini, uninstall.ico, page.lnk, unins000.dat, license.lnk, updateloadlist.ini, explorer.ico

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