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Infected With Redirect Virus? ( browser redirection is added by a malicious redirect virus which is the latest and most common malware threats on the Web. This virus is designed to change results in search engines and push users to fake sites like with advertisements similar to the search subject. After its installation, the browser hijacker will change your registry records and other vital Windows system files and redirect Ie, firefox and chrome browsers to ( related malware can monitor your computing actions to gather personal data and reduce your system's operation. Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Possible symptoms of redirect virus:

  • Missing registry settings
  • Task Manager problems
  • Blocked firewall
  • Potentially unwanted software detected
  • Annoying pop-up banner ads
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Technical Clarification

Malware Data
Threat name:
Also mentioned as:
Search Engine Redirect Virus
Sub type:
Normal definition:
A search redirect virus is a trojan variant that hijacks web browsers and redirects search links in most search engines to sites containing ads. Most search hijackers (browser hijackers) are frequently executed as part of a hidden rootkit software which makes them practically hard to remove.

Threat Intenseness
Risk level:
Distribution level:
Removal level:
Damage level:
Compromised systems
MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Me, MS Windows 2000
Clones/Assigned Threats
Affiliated Threats:,,,

Exe files:
Dll files:
Aditional files:

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