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The redirection is issued by a search redirect virus which is one of the most menacing forms of trojan viruses. The browser hijacker will alter the DNS and HOSTS file on your computer and redirect results in top search engines to sites you did not intended to visit. In the computer, the browser will be automatically redirected to when users attempts to access links in Yahoo, Bing or Google search engine. allied threats can monitor your computing issues and significantly set back your system performance. Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Possible symptoms of includes:

  • Prevented system
  • Problems with network connection
  • E-mail address has been hijacked
  • Potentially undesirable program
  • About:Blank pop up
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Technical Details

Malware Specification
Also known as:
Type of redirect:
Search Engine Redirect Virus
Sub type:
Short description:
A search redirect virus is a malware also known as browser hijacker that redirects search engines to malicious web sites for the intention of spamming users. The virus affects most search engines and is usually spread and triggered by a very malicious rootkit trojan.

Threat Levels
Risk level:
Distribution level:
Removal level:
Damage level:
Infected systems:
MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Me, MS Windows 2000
Additional Malware
Not Available
Other threats:,,,,,,,

Related Files
Exe files:
Not Available
Dll files:
Not Available
Other files:
Not Available

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