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The browser redirect is added by a pervasive trojan virus that overwrites files on the ruined computer and redirects search engine results to web pages containing dangerous scripts and advertisements. The virus will add records to Windows registry and system files to cause search engine links (in,, to be redirected to and other advertising sites. related malware may block virus scanners from scanning your system and cause your computer to be highly degraded. Removal
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
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Possible google search engine hijacker symptoms:

  • System does not work
  • Too many processes active
  • Captured usernames
  • Cannot change wallpaper
  • Third-party program issues
  • Browser does not open
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Technical Details

Malware Specification
Also known as:
Type of redirect:
Search Engine Redirect Virus
Sub type:
Short description:
A search virus is generally started onto the computer to redirect search engine traffic to diverse sites for the sole intention of spamming users with undesirable marketing. The virus may affect any search engine and Web browser and is normally triggered as part of a very harmful rootkit software.

Threat Levels
Risk level:
Distribution level:
Removal level:
Damage level:
Infected systems:
MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Me, MS Windows 2000
Additional Malware
Not Available
Other threats:,,,,

Related Files
Exe files:
Not Available
Dll files:
Not Available
Other files:
Not Available

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